Local Fiestas  



El Campello has maintained its traditional fiestas, giving them more splendour and support every year, for the enjoyment of neighbours and visitors alike. From the 5th of January with the emblematic Three Kings procession up to the Living Nativity scene, there are a wide range of celebrations: Carnival, Holy Week, Holy Cross Festivals, etc. Among them two stand out, those of the highest levels of participation and magnificence. The Virgin del Carmen (Our Lady of Mount Carmel) festival, around the 16th of July, with an endless list of activities over the course of several days, which culminate in a fisherman's procession and singing the Hail Mary, and the Moors and Christians fiestas from the 11th to the 15th of October, which begin with the Moorish disembarkation on the beach to continue with a multitude of acts among which, the colourful processions and the offering of flowers stand out.  

On Palm Sunday, the town goes out in procession and the palms are blessed. It is the starting point of the Holy Week events, among which the Silence procession (Passion Wednesday) and the Entombment, ending with the traditional Mona Day (day of the Easter Cake) on which the family eat in the country or on the beach, stand out.
Together with this solemn celebration, the nautical world, local businesses and tourism are united in the port area of El Campello. NAUCOTUR, an event which, year after year, gathers a multitude of leisure, sports, festival and cultural activities to offer tourists and visitors a different Holy Week
And so we get to the most important festival for our town, those of the "Virgen del Carmen" (Our Lady of Mount Carmel), the patron saint of fishermen. A great many events, shows, games “mascletaes” (fire and sound),... begin in July up to the 16th of July, which is a local holiday, during which the most moving events take place: the fishermen’s procession and the transfer of the virgin to her chapel where a Hail Mary is sung to her, and ending with a huge fireworks display.


The day of the Valencian Community is celebrated with great enthusiasm by the Campello townspeople as, in some ways, it gives way to the beginning of the Moors and Christians festival. On the night of the 8th of October, the Salpassa dance group decorate Pal street following popular tradition, and a "Correfocs" (dance and fire street show) covers the main streets. The morning of the 9th begins with a variety of events: civilian procession, “mocadrorà de Sant Dionís” and the traditional “dansà” along Pal street.


From the 11th to the 15th of October the main fiestas, the Moors and Christians, take place. The Moorish disembarkation on Carrerlamar beach and the battle in front of the Torre de la Illeta, on the morning of the 12th, start the most spectacular fiestas. There are many events which mark these days, among which, and worthy of mention are the speeches and battles in front of the castle and in particular the colourful parades which fill the streets of the town with music and lights. On the 15th the religious acts in honour of Saint Theresa and the "Virgen de los Desamparados" take place, finishing with a magnificent firework display.
Early morning and incredible displays of gunfire and swordsmanship.

          In the evening  a Spectacular 3 hour procession through the streets of El Campello.



Alicante holds an amazing fiesta...

Hogueras de San Juan (St John's Bonfires)

Bonfire San JuanThis fiesta has actually been declared to be of International Tourist Interest - so that gives you an idea of how spectacular it is! Being linked to the summer solstice it is held in June and is possibly the most famous fiesta held in the city. Based on the custom of burning useless objects to welcome in the summer it is also linked with the feast day of John the Baptist.


Bonfire San JuanIt's a week-long celebration which includes firework competitions, a medieval market, marching bands, dancing competitions and much more. For months before the celebration elaborate papier maché statues are painstakingly created often depicting the humorous side of politicians or Spanish historical characters. These statues and the floats that carry them really have to be seen to be believed, so intricate are the designs, however they are ceremoniously burned in a spectacular bonfire held at midnight on St Johns Night following a fabulous firework display from the top of Mount Benacantil.

Be prepared for a few late nights with this one!